Monday, 11 November 2013

Friday Atelier Libre 10:00 - 16:30

We are so lucky with the weather this year - the sun just keeps on shining and the days are nice and warm. This gives us the opportunity to work outside. Currently several sculptors are working in (for them) new materials. Here you see work in progress:
John is trying out new ideas for how to mount his heads

Joy is working on her Lizard, look at how her claws are coming along

Tatiana played around with concrete to see how the material works - look at the creepy guy she is constructing

Andrea is working on a long-legged lady in concrete
Catherine is just about finished with her abstract lady - really stands out in the red
So for Catherine it's back to the drawing board to design and plan for the next sculpture:
Proper planning needs to be done before construction can start
Not only do people do sculptures - there are also the regular painters who come along.
Sue is framing one of her recent abstracts
Carina and Celina are working on the same project as last week (see previous article)
Carina at work.
And this is the result of the day's work - but Carina still has some adjustments to do

Celina started out with her own design
First a background layer and a charcoal sketch
Filling in the pieces is a little like painting by numbers

And the final result

And not only regulars - meet Alain, one of our new members

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