Friday, 1 November 2013

What's up at the Friday Atelier Libre ?

Friday is the atelier libre day. The Hangar is open to all members who wish to work. We usually opens up at about 09:30 and we continue until around 17:00. There is a good mix of participants from different classes. All members of the Hangar are welcome. The first Friday of the month, there is a model from 10:00 to 12:00. This Friday we had Frank (who we all love since he is good at holding difficult poses for a long time).

This Friday there were 4 sculptors and Sunniva doing sketches. Look at the results:

Friday was a beautiful autumn day and some participants worked outside. Joy and Tracy worked on their sculptures.

Joy working on her lizard

Tracy working on her pea pod
Michele, Carina, Celina and Lisa worked on their abstracts. Carina and Celina had chosen a project from Rolina van Vliets book on painting abstracts. It looked so easy - but like with all abstracts - that was not the case.

Carina working on her abstract
The result of Celina's efforts
The result of Carina''s efforts

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