Monday, 16 December 2013

Aquarelle Watercolours on Tuesday Afternoons - with Marina

It's almost Christmas...

Always good for a theme on the Tuesday Afternoon!
And it was wonderful, with hot 'Verveine Menthe', homemade cookies by Edith, music from Adele -and  a lot of inspired painting going on!

 Snow Kitten by Liz

 Santa Squirrel by Edith

Rudolf the Black-nosed Boxer by Orjan (also available in quick spontaneous version)
Christmas décorations by Cathie

 Christmas décorations by Christiane
Christmas décorations by Nusch (will be refined with some gold leaf!)
Christmas Rose by Anna Karin
Poppies by Edith
Vase with happy orange Irises & great shadow/reflection by Agnes
Marbles, also with great shadow/reflection by Cathie

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