Monday, 3 March 2014

Aquarelle Watercolours - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Nusch finished her antique mask. It is stunning!
Last Tuesday the Aquarellistas didn't use a common theme to work on, so what you see here is a wide variety of subjects... We had a wonderful time painting  oranges in a bowl brought by Anna-Karin, a sphere, animals and flowers!

Anna-Karin's Ikea bowl of oranges. not finished but excellent subtle suggestion of glass!

Constanza's Matisse-style oranges, with flattened perspective, showing more

the recognisable style of Sandra - with fantastic leaves and strong shadow (and lovely detail on one orange)

Liz had great fun painting this sphere. I absolutely love it!
For a future project, Edith already tried her hand on a little bright-red bear-toy

Orjan painted his green-eyed dog in Jean Haines-style.
He is really getting there, and the paint works it's magic...!
Agnès worked on this mimosa - in a very clever way: she painted the paper yellow, then used cotton tips with masking fluid to create little circles with a 'fluffy' outline. After that she added blue and other colours, and intricate leaves to express the true character of the flowers. you can almost smell them.
 'Mimosa' will be next time's subject! We're going to experiment with the ways to paint these intricate flowers!

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