Monday, 7 April 2014

Aquarelle, Tuesday afternoons from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina Kulik

Fantastic Faces
The small group of Aquarellistas that worked last Tuesday, has mainly been busy with our expo in May. We will surely showcase that work in a later stage, but today the spotlight is on two other paintings, created by Nusch and Orjan. They both worked from 'real' full colour photos, not black-and-white ones. They had to make the decision where the light (the white) would be and leave that space unpainted, using masking fluid. And as you can see it worked out very, very well!
'Putting on make up'  by Nusch. Love it!!!

'Girl with flower hat' by Örjan.
This one by Orjan is not yet completely finished, the masking fluid is still on - but I couldn't help myself, it is so wonderful already! Next week the finished painting...
Coming Tuesday 'same old same old', we will work on projects for our exhibition, sip tea and listen to music with a warm sun on our heads or in the shade of the fresh leaves on the trees! I'm jealous of myself, that's how great it feels to live here in the South of France...

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