Monday, 28 April 2014

Live Drawing on Monday Mornings

The spectacular exhibition of Pim's abstract group gets a lot of well-deserved attention, but don't forget we have many different artistic activities in the Hangar, and one of them is the Live Model drawing class on Monday morning. It doesn't get more 'realistic'...

And it is very much worth your while: hard work maybe, as you have to concentrate and measure and squint and make mistakes and listen to Marina's constant 'nagging'. But it is also rewarding - we're  not going for masterpieces, just for good drawings, beautiful lines catching the pose and proportions. And there is always one of your drawings that is well done. Furthermore, our models are very good! As you can see from the following pictures...
The first batch are 10 drawings, made one per minute, of the same pose:

 After the shorter poses, we have a coffee or tea break, with energizing cookies, and then we work on longer poses..

Love this one, because it is completely clear how the model reaches high behind her 
(and not looks as if something big is growing out of her ear ☺)
 This drawing is 100% believable too - and it has A  LOT of foreshortning... Very well done!

 Here the actual 'lying down' is especially well done, the model really rests on the fabric!

And last but not least, spectacular effects of coloured (sanguine, ochre, white and brown) crayon on black paper. 

Interested? drop Marina an email to be put on the list!

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