Monday, 30 June 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays 2 - 4.30pm with Cathie van der Stel

Wine, Women and song
A typical 'Chateau des Demoiselles'-bottle by Bev - cheese coming up by the look of it
Last Week the Aquarellista group was led by the wonderful Cathie van der Stel! She suggested to work on themes for our upcoming exhibition in Chateau des Demoiselles: "Wine" and "Women" in all possible ways.
As you can see above and below, it was picked up very well by everyone (not all artwork was photographed - but believe me it all looked so good! you can see who was the teacher du jour)
By the way - these are all projects in progress and they will end up being small paintings in our successful 'same-frame'-format...
 Elia B.'s Vin et souris

 Liz's inspiration from the word Wine

Wine according to Sandra - and a very beautiful hand. Well done!

Emily just joined the group. She's a bold user of colours as you can see here and she will no doubt blend in perfectly with the rest of the group after she's finished the starter exercises...

Coming Tuesday yours truly will be absent again and you can look forward to another lovely session with Cathie! From the 8th of July onwards everything is back to normal and FYI: the last watercolour class before the holidays will be on 29 July... We start again 2nd week of September (but we'll be working on our expo and be in touch before that)

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