Monday, 7 July 2014

Aquarelle Tuesdays, from 2 - 4.30 with Marina

Preparing for our exhibition

 We are going to have a group exhibition in Chateau des Demoiselles in September. Watch this space for updates - and previews on the work we're going to show. Guess what the theme is...

 Demoiselle by Agnes - She will create a series. This little portrait is made throug putting water on random parts of face and then adding colour! Gives an interesting lightfall!

 Grapes by Agnes

 Grapes in shapes by Cathie

 Multicolour Grapes by Constanza

 Pouring a good glass by Elia B.

 Stealing a sip by Elia B. - now fnished

Glass of good red by Sandra

And a women- inspired painting by Sandra, 

The plan is to have a coloured inside and the outside (the passepartout part) will be uncoloured. Already visible in the longest finger and the bracelet. And there will be poetry. This sounds so good! Complicated, but good - and interesting! Watch this space for pictures of the result!

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