Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Groundwork @ the Hangar!!

While Pim's wednesday class was peacefully painting, our dear neighbour, the 'Apériculteur', who has become a great friend of Pim, offered to upgrade our sewage system as he was doing his anyway.

What a wonderful gift!! It is a lot of work - and he even installed a 'filtrage' for the outside tap so that and we will be able to rinse our acrylic brushes guilt-free... And last but not least he actually will also repair the roof of the toilet.

We appreciate it so very much! I'm sure one day we will be able to do something back, but for now, every time you visit the loo or wash your brushes, think a positive thought towards our neighbour (and his friend) and  just remember that this is a really good guy!!

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