Sunday, 27 July 2014

Hangar Abstract paintings on the move. News from Exposition in Gordes village.

An update on our exposition in Gordes. We have set up Friday and Saturday. All paintings in the cars, off we went:
Gordes is famous for its Chateaux, so here a view of the place central and chateaux. The Espace des Arts is just off this central square , where you find nice restaurants and shops and the tourist office. 
We put our affiche on a stand to show where to find us,
 And so you find the entrance of the exposition in the old village house , with its beautiful view from 4 windows over the valley around Gordes.

Inside you find a central wide and long hallway, with on either side 2 rooms.

Walls are high and white, so we are very happy how our works show.

Tatiana sculptures on beautiful stands make the show complete.

So the exposition is open till August 8th, every day from 11-8.
We would be delighted to meet you there, if not this gives a nice overview.
Will be continued and Thanks for watching,

Tatiana, Michele, Karin, Sylvia + Imme

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