Monday, 28 July 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina Kulik

Very sunny bougainvilla by Brenda

It is warm and sunny in the South of France - with a good heavy storm from time to time... The Aquarellista group enjoys both - and we work in the Hangar under a couple of great old fashioned ventilators...
Last week some of us painted once more for our 'Demoiselles' show in September, and others chose other subjects like the gorgeous flowers of Brenda, above, and those of Tricia - which were painted from a bunch she picked around the Hangar.

Detail of Tricia's bunch of flowers. She kept the paintng fresh and spontaneous! 
Very well done - I hope to show the finished product next week...

Another aquarelle, very surrealistic and certainly with a story behind it - by Edith

A lovely Demoiselle in stone by Liz

 I absolutely adore this tiny little pink dress by Sandra. It will certainly be in the expo!!

 This is an aquarelle/pendrawing on which Sandra is still working. 
Very interesting: she often uses poetry and handwriting in her work.

Tomorrow is our last session before the summer break. We will stay in touch with each other and I still have things to post now and then. We will get together in the beginning of September, and you can of course count on messages from me. Although they will be slightly less frequent! I wish all our readers and followers a fab-tastic summer! Enjoy the sun and try to put a watery-wet brush on paper from time to time - it is so rewarding!!

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