Monday, 14 July 2014

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30pm with Marina

 Sitting Nude by Sandra Seymour-Dale
One of the superb aquarelles for our show in Chateau des Demoiselles

 Corks by Cathie

Grapes with curly bits by Agnès

Liz is working on several paintings at the same time.*
*That way you don't waste time as one can dry while you paint another

 Other, interesting work to be developed, by Cathie

The basic washes of Elia's painting. It will have such a warm glow when it is finished...

 This small fun aquarelle was created by Tricia, a new Aquarellista! 

 Also a couple of aquarelles that were not related to wine or 'demoiselles'
Bougainville by Anna-Karin

'Sun behind the door' by Mieke

Tricia also painted this one, with added pen and wax (the white on the avocado peel and pit)

Emily worked on two exercises for her 3d afternoon: the spheres with highlights and shadows (objective: suggest volume). She did a great job on them and is determined to practise this a lot while she is in Canada...
And the other exercise: washing off the colour (check!) and then creating volume using the spheres-technique or patterns (in progress)

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