Friday, 14 November 2014

Model Starters group

Friday mornings until 19 December, we have a Model starters class. This class is meant for people who would like to come to the live class on Monday morning, but need a bit more knowledge of proportions, perspective and balance before they feel ready for the complicated and sometimes super-quick poses!
We've had the first 3 lessons, heavy on theory, drawing from big pictures, and it is going so much better!

Today we were with a very small group! We practised foreshortning again, and measuring, and looking at the empty space and after the break we started with 'drawing the light', with a white pen on black paper. 
 It was great! Next week, we proceed with that same exercise, and we have our first one full hour nude model! And here are today's best results!
 Gaby's is very good, my photo doesn't do it justice, I'm so sorry! New try next week...

 Avril knows how to suggest volume!!

Lisbeth has really caught the foreshortning of the left arm!

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