Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Thursday modelling classes with Christie

These past few weeks we have been experimenting with high firing clay. These come in many colours, but we have been concentrating on black, white and red. High firing clay is what is used for stoneware and needs to be fired up to 1200 degrees C.

The objects below are quite chunky and have been left to dry 2-3 months and longer, before firing. By waiting so long there is less chance of cracking.

Next stage will be to finish them off - putting on patinas, glazing and/or mounting.

This is Anne's rabbit

This is Christine's rabbit

This is Celina's lady - a summer project

The class is open for experienced artist as well as beginners. Come along and try it out. We have a lot of fun every Thursday. The theme before christmas - is animals. In the new year Christie has a new theme for us.

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