Thursday, 15 January 2015

Live drawing - Monday Mornings 10 - 12 with Marina Kulik

We've resumed the live sessions!
 Clare's drawing with foreshortening & empty well done

Last Monday Marie-Jo posed for us. She is a very beautiful and inspiring model and we took the time to get used to drawing again, after a long break. 
The live drawing classes are fun, yet very intensive, so everyone really needs the coffee (tea) & cookies break in the middle, and around 12 when we finish we're always super tired - but content. It is so good for your brain - your eye-hand coordination, your overall ability to observe and then to put that observation on paper the way you mean to! Very rewarding. Here are pictures I took with my phone of some of the drawings that were made. You can see that all have their own style and interpreteation. Also you can see what the pose was, and that we were standing around Marie-Jo, so all had our different perspectives...



Monday 19 January we'll have a live model session again, this time with Brigitte. We will start with a warming up, then a bit of theory - and than a couple of longer, not too complicated poses. If you are interested to give this 'live drawing' a try, the 19th could be a good start for you! Drop me a mail if you need more info...

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