Monday, 26 January 2015

Tuesday Mornings: Atelier Libre HUILE - with Nelly van Hijfte

On Tuesday, prof Nelly van Hijfte and her group create work in oil paint. It is an atelier libre - all bring their own subjects and paint what they like. It is oil, so it sometimes takes a long time before a painting is finished. Below a couple of finished or almost finished creations!

Claudie has just painted this beautifully delicate study of three Japanese ladies which. She did on an old canvas so underneath there is a lot of texture.

Veronique painted this study of sails in her trademark neutrals showing the complex folds and drapes against an aubergine background.

 Charmian took elements of some amazing willow mushrooms in Kew gardens and led her grandchildren through a magical garden.

 Following a trip to Ireland and using techniques learnt in Brenda Malley's seascape workshop last year, Charmian has painted three quite different seascapes of her own.

And there was more beautiful work...:

Pictures by Charmian Murley and Marina Pino

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