Monday, 6 April 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesdays from 2 - 4.30 with Marina

 Madalas, Mime, and Miscelaneous!
What a beautiful day it was last week Tuesday... Warm, sunny - that's what we signed up for here in the South. The work was very colourful - and varied. The last mandalas were finished:

Agnès 's view on her seasons. With a frog again! Why would that be?
 Anna-Karin's butterfly takes shape - one more session and it will be perfect...

Liz's mandala now complete and even more spectacular with the 'curled' ends...well done!

Christine's bowl of fruit... already great looking!
Coming week a bit more dark & contrast and it will be perfect!

 Agnès's new project, based on our theme du jour 'pantomime'. As usual, an original take on things!
to be continued next time...

  Pantomime girl - by Edith. Not yet finished, but quite dramatic already!

 Edith started her little monkey a week ago - and it fits just right in the pantomime results... 
Only so much fluffier!

 Avril started the watercolour of a (her) hand, suggested by the stripes. I am ashamed to admit that I somehow didn't take a picture of her stunning waterlily with dewdrops! Next week...

 Coupla old brushes in the final stage... by Cathie. So well done - and we all know it was a struggle - but the kind you learn a lot of...

 Above and below a 'Pair', two old brushes. Unbelievably well done, I can't choose, they both make me happy. Fabulous!!!

 There's transparency for you! An amazing see-through still life by Sandra. Love it!

And this flamenco dancer is also from Sandra's hand. Not finished yet already looking so strong and moving! More later...

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