Monday, 4 May 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesday afternoons from 2pm - 4.30pm, with Marina Kulik

 Intriguing, this half-portrait by Edith

Work-in-progress by Sandra - the cutest boats, in the evening sun...
Can't wait to see them without the masking fluid on their masts

A beautiful sunny afternoon, in the school holidays, many of the Aquarellistas were doing things with their kids - but six watercolour-heroines were present! Above and below is what they created or finished:

Carnival de Venise - with amazing fabrics!! - by Liz

 Patience continued with her research on the application of the transparent, fluid, mixing qualities watercolour paint on abstract shapes. Surely looks interesting!

Agnès started with her cat peeping through the branches, and didn't finish, but this is going to be so good! Love the branches in the foreground. I look forward to seeing it finished...

 Cathie also started an animal picture - of her lovely dog Bailey as a puppy...Too cute to be true
And she finished her pegs in a soap box. What can I say. Perfection!

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