Monday, 25 May 2015

Aquarelle - Tuesday Afternoon from 2 - 4.30pm, with Marina

 Cherries by Agnès - So beautiful

Having been in Italy (to Piemonte with a group of Hangar Artists, to draw and paint - will post about that later!) I had more or less forgotten about the Aquarellistas work of 2 weeks ago, and I was SO happily surprised! What a quality! In alphabetical order, here's some eye candy for you to enjoy... :

 Interesting Abstract work by Anna-Karin

 Anna-Karin's finished blossom. So well-done!!

 Avril is patiently working on a couple of paintings - this one is almost finished.

 Bev is practically done with this gorgeous light-contrast aquarelle, but I had to take a picture with my phone so it doesn't look as good - next week a better version (please bring it Bev!)
 Little Bailey in the pot with gravel and weeds - click to enlarge, too cute and so well done! by Cathie

 Another brush in the making - also by Cathie: the hangar has a lot of inspiration!

Edith's  Lovely Lazy Baby Panda in a tree

Liz finished her village, it has become a well-balanced impression in her remarkable style!

Patience is a sculptor, and that is well visible in this volumous watercolour!

Girl in the mirror. Also by Patience...

Abstract with ants! Humor in watercolours, also by Patience

 Fabulous drinking Zebra number two by Sandra

 I so love this Carnival de Venise - impression by Sandra!

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