Wednesday, 4 May 2016

Meet Marijke Obbink

You may have noticed how well the last Café Culture was organized and how smooth it ran!
There's a reason for that - we have a new board member who has 'Event-Implementation' as her specialism...

Meet Marijke Obbink
Marijke is Dutch and lives in Mougins since 2001. As one of Pim's artists, she usually works in the Saturday morning group.

"For many years, I wanted to paint and to draw, as I really enjoyed this activity at school. The easel and paint were bought and at close hand. But because of my demanding job I never got to do it. Last year, a few months before retirement, I had more time to start investing in hobbies, so I checked the painting courses available nearby and ended up choosing Le Hangar. The relaxed and international atmosphere appealed to me. It is a pleasure to forget everything while painting, to live “in the moment”. I’m still in the phase of learning, copying art works and photographs, experiencing colors. But the next stage may be to 'let go' and create..."
Port des Moines( Ile st Honorat) - (this painting is in Le Hangar-book… )

Until 2015 Marijke ran her own company with a French partner for 33 years: an 'incoming agency', specialized in organising groups, seminars, events, in Côte d’Azur & Provence. Her job allowed her to get to know the region in all its diversity! After retirment she still handles a few clients just for fun. But she can finally spend more time with her hobbies: hiking, golfing, gardening, travelling and last but not least: painting!

Copy of view on Delft (Vermeer)

Interesting detail:
"My mother was a painter before she married, she earned her living during and after the war painting flower bouquets and one of her works was owned by President Eisenhower. She would have enjoyed that I continue her passion, albeit as an amateur…"

If you want to get in touch with Marijke email her via

Her first “NUDE”… (copied from a painting)

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