Tuesday, 3 May 2016

One-Day Spring Expo

Le Printemps des Jardins.
On Saturday 7 May there's a Provençal market in Valbonne, dedicated to 'The Spring'

Lovely stands with flowers, fruit, garden utensils and everything 'Printemps' all over the village.

And in the middle, in the old Mairie: Photographer Marc Lapolla, Land Artist Sally Ducrow and Aquarellista Marina Kulik, with a pop-up exhibition inspired by 'Printemps'.  

Make sure you pass by if you are in Valbonne this Saturday: we're there for only one day!!

Note for the Aquarellistas: You will be able to check out  new stuff, all types of  varnished watercolours:  on canvas, on watercolour boards and on paper, all framed in classic frames!

Also on those walls amongst others Zodiac silk screen prints (great mothers'day gifts!)...
And of course fantastic macro photographs by Marc Lapolla as well as original and beautiful landart sculptures by Sally Ducrow.
 Open all day, from around 10am - 5pm

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