Saturday, 15 April 2017

Look what came out of the kiln

The kiln has been on nearly every week - and lots of beautiful pieces have come out. Anne and Tracy have been busy getting their things ready for their exhibition in Auribeau - and we have somehow overlooked posting on the blog.

Opening up a kiln - is like opening a lucky bag - you have high expectations but never know what you will find. Did the pieces explode ? How did the glazes turn out ? Each shelf brings out new surprises.

So here comes some of our creations. First a series of figures/people - each artist in their own style.

Couple by Sabine

Woman and Man by Christelle

Lady by Anne

Swimmer by Tracy

by Christelle
Not everyone works with people - Hanna has made some beautiful animals:

Panther by Hanna

And then we have the kiddies classes. Tracy finds inspiring themes and the participants work ever so hard - and what wonderful results:

Lilys Heart Box

Here we have Ollie's tortoise
And another heart box made by Amelie

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