Wednesday, 26 April 2017

Look what came out of the kiln

Friday we did a new firing and Tuesday we opened up. Look what came out:

Spiral in delicate pastels
 This spiral has been tinted with cobalt oxides and copper oxides. Irene isn't quite sure if she will mount it in any particular way or leave it as a table decoration.

Decorations done in the childrens classes

Beautiful !
Beautiful texture and colour ! For this piece Anne used cobalt oxide and C1254 Frittes

Andreas people
 It's difficult to see the colour in the picture - but these two sculptures have been coloured a warm reddish brown. Well done Andrea !

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We have discussed this bird quite a bit. Some of us love the irregular greenish colour (done with copper 3 layers of copper oxide + frites) - but the artist says the colour obstructs the beautifil lines of the piece. I'm not quite sure who I side with.

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