Saturday, 16 December 2017

In Memoriam Neville Moray

We are very sad to announce that on Friday 15 December, 9.30am, our dear friend Neville Moray passed away.
He was an esteemed and talented Hangar member, an active participant in many classes and a personal friend of both Marina and Pim.
Neville was a true scientist, in his professional life a Professor Emeritus at the Department of Psychology of the University of Surrey. But since his retirement he combined academics with being an original artist (a quite successful one) who especially loved the Hangar drawing classes.

You can see more of his art and books he published on his website.

One of the impressive things Neville did for the Hangar was give a Café Culture lecture 'Art brain and perception'. It was received with so much enthusiasm, that he repeated it a couple of months later - and had a full house again! It treated subjects like the laws of colour mixing, optical illusions and a fractal analysis of the work of Pollock.
Many of you remember him fondly, I know. If you want to react you can write me an email, I will collect them and pass them on to his family. For the people who have not known him, I wish you had because he was a good and gentle person and an excellent teacher - who was also able to be an excellent and exploring student.
Our thoughts go to his lovely wife Angela and his daughters Nerissa and Clea. He will be deeply missed. 

On behalf of the Hangar board,
Marina Kulik

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