Saturday, 29 June 2019

The first Day trip to Cipières - a success!!

On Friday 28 June we had our first drawing day-trip. We went to the lovey village of Cipières,  slightly worried that it would be just too hot to sit somewhere to draw!  

Pim, René, Hélène, Chantal, Sylvia, Isabelle and Bev in action 
But Pim, Marina, Hélène, Sylvie, Yvon, Sylvia, Chantal, René, Isabelle, Brenda and Beverly went anyway and we can report that it was terrific up there in the mountains! The messages that reached us from Chateauneuf and Roquefort were that it was too hot to move, while we had a bit of wind and it was reasonably cool in the shadow! 
OK, enough about the weather 😎😎😎

 Sylvie, Brenda, Pim, René and Sylvie in action

The village of Cipières offers everything a drawer wants! Beautiful plants, quaint little streets, romantic fountains, lovely views, arcades and many interesting details.
And on top of that - not much tourism, so we more or less had all that beauty to ourselves...
The plan was to create 'loose style sketches' with a thin fineliner feltpen, with Hélènes fantastic carnet de voyage as an example, and of course all participants were welcome to give that their own direction. We set  to work and the morning results were quite impressive (see below). 
Around noon 'les mecs' were thirsty and organised a little meeting, after which we all sat ourselves to have a lovey simple yet tasty lunch

After lunch the sun had traveled and we had to look for new places to sit, and new views. And we created more. At 4 pm we packed and drove back to the Hangar, where we did 'the line-up' = talking about all the work, getting ideas and inspiration from each other, whie drinking cold water in that wonderfully air-conditioned space! Heaven!

Here is an overview (There's more of course!!) of what we sketched:

Do you like it? Are you interested maybe to participate in the next trip on Friday 19 July? Let us know via or ask Pim or Marina to put you on the list!

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