Monday, 29 November 2010

The Watercolour Class - 23 November

Experiments & discoveries
This beautiful and misty image is our actual view from the atelier - painted by Anna-Karin Fast. Even in the coldest period of autumn it is beautiful here as you can see...

(click on a picture to enlarge & enjoy the detail...)
Cathie van der Stel has not used white paint in this painting (not done in aquarelle) - the white you see is the colour of the paper. The colour of the snow: all varieties and shades of blue...

It was very cold last Tuesday (yep, it happens, even on the Côte d'Azur) but we were warm and cozy inside the Hangar - which was so highly appreciated that it led to extra creativity of some of us!

Cathie van der Stel left her usual light, poetic and precise way of working behind and embarked on a project involving sepia ink and watercolours with combined use of pen and brushes. Ink and aquarelle paint flows and bleeds in a similar way, yet ink is much less transparent and more evenly flowing. As you can see in the work in progress below, the background tells its own story. And the contrast between the two materials is very strong... I look forward to the finished picture!

Bibbi Isaksson started a very daring work of art on a beautiful heavy sheet of torchon aquarelle paper. It made me think of the first cave drawings of Lascaux, combined with moving lines of masking fluid  that give the whole a musical appearance. Not yet up for showing, but I'll keep you posted!

While Bibbi waited for her first layer (wash) to dry, she "doodled" a bit with masking fluid, payne's grey and yellow and created (in 3 minutes or so) these Electric Lemons...

Marianne van Wijngaarden has been searching for a certain way of working for some time now. She wants to express herself with a casual way of painting, not too precise, not too detailed, but spontaneous and direct. Wet-in-wet wasn't really the answer, nor was "my" wet-on-dry way of working... She searched for examples and explanations on the internet, used them and already achieved quite some progress, but now she has found a book that has it all - and describes how it is done: 

 "Loosen up your Watercolours" by Judi Whitton

Marianne van Wijngaarden has truly "loosened up" her watercolour style!

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