Saturday, 4 December 2010

a live model

Wim Teunissen - charcoal and sanguine crayon

Every other Monday morning we get together for a couple of hours to draw a live -nude- model. Last time Marie-Jo sat for us. She is beautiful and great to draw, she understands what we need and what makes a pose interesting. No surprise as she is an artist (sculptor) herself...  Last Monday we started with a warming-up, first 6 poses of ONE minute, then some of 2 minutes, then 5, 10 and the last two of half an hour.  The objective of this class is to practice, sharpen the drawing skills, train the eye - and absolutely NOT to create beautiful results, but - as you can see - that happens anyway!!   Many different styles in this group - but the overall quality is excellent. Here's an impression:

 SL - charcoal. She did this picture in 2 minutes...
Marij van Schijndel "drew the light" with white crayon on black paper

Lucia Gualtieri with pencil.

There was more outstanding work but my pictures (taken with my phone) turned out  awful...

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