Sunday, 19 December 2010

Drawing a live model - on Monday 13 December

Model Marie-Jo portrayed by Joop van der Zon

Monday the 13th we got together to practice the sharp eye and hand, making drawings of Marie-Jo, one of our favourite models. And because it was the last time, we celebrated by having Marie-Jo in just one pose. So that we could work a bit longer 'to get it right'! But first as always a warming up, where we draw one- and two-minute poses... If we draw these, there is no time to think! and the ones that come out ok are usually accurate with that spontaneous extra that makes them very interesting!
One-minute poses by Virginie Bertoluzzi

The following pictures show what we saw from the circle we made around Marie-Jo, the lightfall (very sharp, fast moving sunlight that threw confusing shadows on her body) and her pose - very peaceful, but oh so hard for her to maintain...
Marij van Schijndel

Lucia Gualtieri

Sue Ellis

Neville Moray

Sandra Seymour-Dale

Virginie Bertoluzzi

Charmian Murley

That was the drawing group for 2010! We will see each other again on 10 January 2011 - but the blogging won't stop! Keep watching this space!

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