Friday, 10 December 2010

A modern approach to a classic still life - 6 December 2010

Last Monday: deep concentration in the drawing group...

Pim had announced "a modern approach to a classic still life - work with heavy lines and overlap the objects, so that diamond shapes will appear, to give your work a strong graphical quality"  It sounded exciting - but I didn't completely get it...
The "classic still life" was beautiful enough...

However, after Pim's explanation on the blackboard it became clear what he meant with the modern graphical approach in heavy lines ! And the results - after 2 hours of hard and concentrated work were truly impressive - look for yourself:

Brigitte Jansen

Betty Schep
Joop van der Zon

Marijke van Schijndel

  Visitor Marloes van Schijndel - o yes, Holland's got talent!!

Neville Moray (not surprisingly) loved the excercise and created two versions

And as always the morning ended with a clear and interesting evaluation of the achievements - by Pim...

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