Thursday, 16 December 2010

Xmas lunch in Pim's Wednesday acrylics group

Of course we are all going to the Hangar for the creative and intellectual challenge! Yet from time to time we also participate in other lovely activities over there and one of our favourites (of all groups by the way) is having lunch together. Last Wednesday, the acrylics class of Pim de Jongh had an exceptionally extensive one, to pre-celebrate Christmas - and here are some pictures to show off how much fun it was!

I hope to be able to post more about this class, because apart from the nice lunches they are also doing great work - every Wednesday from (approiximately) 10am to 16pm....

...sure looks like Gonny is reading a naughty Xmas poem to Pim... hour later Pim is still laughing about it...

Thank you Monique Randazzo for the pictures!!

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