Monday, 13 December 2010

Watercolours on Tuesday afternoon

It is cold in the South of France at the moment, but in the Hangar you hardly notice that... After a nice lunch, we started 2 pm with our "work". Which consisted of several different projects, to begin with, the project "pimp your trainer"... design your personal pattern or other image and paint it on a basketballshoe

Ann Edwards had planned to paint a view with trees - and combined that with the shoe idea 
Edith Alborni created a very convincing converse all star - not finished yet good enough to be posted

They should be taken into production immediately!

Other interesting work! By Marina Teding van Berkhout, who, after a bit of practice, started painting "us" in little sketches

Ann and Bibbi featured in Marina's sketches

Anna Karin proceeded with her painting of the Hangar view! She really caught the misty atmosphere

and last but not least a picture that Bibbi Isaksson started in the Hangar and finished at home just before she went to Sweden... click on the picture to enlarge and fully appreciate the story! It has so much in it...

Tomorrow we'll get together for the last time this year and then we're off for some good partying... Back in 2011!!

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