Monday, 25 April 2011

Aquarelle + a sneak preview of some of the 18x14cm cards

Our aquarellista-group worked on several projects last week, one of them the 14x18 cm cards that we are creating for the 'Hangar Summer fête' lottery of 19 June. Every visitor will win one - and it is not easy at all because you have to come up with a subject that is interesting on that small size. And then the one who will win your artwork - you know that it may be somebody who is not the least interested, so it would be a waste to put your whole heart in it -  but on the other hand it might be somebody who loves it! So you can't be casual or uninterested about it... Difficult! 
O well, we decided to give it our all! And make several versions and ideas. We had great fun as you can see below:
'A slay ride' by Bibbi Isaksson

'Two women' by Edith Alborni

'Water and pebble rhythm' by Sandra Seymour-Dale (to be finished)

'Boats and reflection' by Roly Bufton

'Mini patchwork rose' by Marina Kulik

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