Monday, 11 April 2011

Water colour Tuesday - Sunny and warm on April the 5th

Funny Cat - by Puck
We had a full house last week - with 2 great guests, Hélène brought her sister Marijke and het aunt Puck - who created today's opening-picture, sitting in the sun... Marijke painted her first watercolour ever and bravely picked a view! and as you can see a true aquarelle came out of that... in tender tones, and a mysterious fence...
View from the Hangar by Marijke

Most of the work of the regulars is 'work in progress' - I'll randomly show some below...
Edith Alborni's Amazing Iris! Background will be slightly darker but the basics are gewd!

Cathie van der Stel's City by night (unfinished) - one in aquarelle paint (R) and one in tea...

Tomatoes in the bowl by Hélène van der Kroft

And last but definitely not least, another poetic and subtle aquarelle by Anna Karin - in her typical spontaneous style and with her favourite bowl (not yet quite visible - but that will come)

Tulips in a bowl by Anna-Karin Fast

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