Friday, 1 April 2011

Drawing Franck - Monday Morning live model

The Monday  live model drawing group works together for three years now. The poses have become increasingly complicated and the work has moved from 'getting the proportions right' to interesting creations, showing true mastery, personality and artistic style. I am very proud - below you can see why:
Fantastic drawing with white crayon on black paper by Lucia Gualtieri

Lucia working on (another version) of the white-on-black drawing.
In the background Virginie Bertoluzzi

Virginie's painted impression of Franck - another look on light and dark

 Charmian Murley's personal expression of Franck's half hour standing pose

An interesting and daring colour sketch in pastel by Sandra Seymour-Dale

SL's version - accurate, tender and personal

 Sunniva, working on another sketch - serious and concentrated

Same goes for Sue Ellis - and for all of us by the way... We're all 'exhausted' after 2 hours of very intensive observing! But it's worth it... people who participate in this class are never afraid to draw, whatever the subject...

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