Monday, 28 March 2011

Transparency - in the aquarelle class

The medium-advanced group (they are no longer starters) has been busy researching transparency, with our transparent medium aquarelle - but that doesn't make it any easier...
The challenge was to paint an object of choice, and suggest, through the use of colours, that there is a 'curtain' in front of it.
Excellent work by Roly Bufton!

The trick to that is, to make the colours 'behind the curtain' a couple of shades lighter... or is it? Upon further research it turns out that for a light colour like yellow, it doesn't work like that. The thing to do is to look at the colours and imagine their strength as if you are seeing them in greytones... In that case, yellow is like white - and a (for example) very light blue curtain will make the yellow behind it darker!
 Example of the above. The colours behind the transparent paper are lighter, except for the yellow, which is slightly darker...

There was also a background-foreground-detail exercise to be finished, the last details were added to the background (flowing, light, cool colours)/background (warm colours, inspired by the shapes of the background, more defined and with detail) which led to these different and interesting branches:

 Fabergé egg-like details by Lesley Bufton

Very refined details -and dewdrop!- by Edith Alborni (click to enlarge)

Cathie finished a painting that we all agreed was the perfect design for an Hermès scarf that we all would love to have - even the men - I'll print it next week when I have found out the name of the painting that was the inspiration... But after all that precise work, Cathie needed something else and started experimenting (I can recommend that to all of you!!) with tea, coffee, ink and a bit of watercolour - which led to this not finished but already exciting piece of work!
'Old books' by Cathie van der Stel

Ann Edwards hasn't quite finished her painting - but it's much further than this. Nevertheless I wanted to share this stage with you, because it illustrates so well how strong an 'empty space' can be! Everybody will see a person in the chair - all a different one... Wait until you see the finished watercolour!
Beach chair with ?? by Ann Edwards

Hélène van der Kroft at her best! Small sized quick impressions. Love it! There's a whole story there...

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