Monday, 21 March 2011

Aquarellista Afternoon (Tuesday 15 March 2011, 2 - 4.30pm)

The Aquarellistas did a lot of great stuff last Tuesday and I brought nice cd's and made delicious tea - but forgot my camera! I took some pictures with my phone, but not enough and the quality is, let's say, not up to its usual standard... Despite that.... have a look at this!!!

Lesley Bufton finished her 'spheres' still life... It is so well done, I can't stop looking at the marbles!

The starters group did their last starter exercise... There are still things to practise, but we have worked through  the theory! The exercise is a small painting of a fantasy-skyline at night, made in four layers. The difficulty is to decide which layer goes first, leave out the white and use enough contrast to make the yellow lights 'shine'. The champion du jour was definitely the following:

By Roly Bufton (even himself agreed that it wasn't bad...) 

Edith Alborn's joined in and created this version

And Lesley Bufton shows how 'building-like' the yellow lights can appear, just by putting them in squares 

Also a big compliment for Ann Edwards, who painted her own excellent version of an existing painting by Paul Millichip titled 'Berber'...

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