Monday, 7 March 2011

Tomatoes in aquarelle

Tomatoes in the bowl of Anna-Karin Fast. Not yet finished but already interesting!

Last week the aquarellistas took a break from the roses without thorns... The  occasion was the exercise for the starters, who were going to paint a still life with rounded shapes to consolidate what they learned in the spheres-exercise.  I brought a couple of round (and not so round) objects, a red pepper, 3 sherry tomatoes, an orange, a round bottle with nailpolish and two marbles to practice on... Anna-Karin had a wonderful string of big, juicy, red tomatoes with her - and we ended up painting tomatoes, each of us in their own style! The tube with "Winsor red" is almost finished...
 Lesley Bufton's still life with nailpolish and marbles: to be continued...

Edith Alborni's tomatoes in glass bowl

Tomato still life in interesting colours by Bibbi Isaksson

And last but definitely not least, no tomato but a gorgeous rose by Ann Edwards -
as you can see she did a stunning colour&contrast job again!

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