Sunday, 13 March 2011

Live Model drawing - Theory

Last Thursday afternoon the Model Theory course started, four times 2 hours of intensive drawing and listening.

Maurice Elstub and Gwenaelle Chabaud in deep concentration

It is semi-private tutoring, with a maximum of 4 participants and the objective is to learn 'how-to-do-it', as well as the theoretical basics on proportions, perspective, light, dark and shadow and anatomy.

Camilla Fitzgerald and Trish Morris working hard on their 10-minute pose

Marina in a 10-minute pose

The first 3 afternoons we work with photo’s and teacher Marina as our model (dressed) and there is plenty of time for LOTS of comments and advice (or 'nagging' as we call it) and discussion and evaluation of the work! The 4th session we'll have a real live, nude model...

Of course we've only had the first session, but that was great fun and impressive improvements were made and everybody was dead tired after 2 hours (which is a good sign!)

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