Sunday, 13 March 2011

Saturday Class for French Speakers

The Saturday Acrylics class is mainly for French speaking artists – although some others occasionally sneak in. It is a harmonious and productive full day class – with a short break for lunch. Today there were about 10 participants. Here you see some of them.

Rose-Marie (Duclos) is a new member and here she is finishing off her colourful landscape.

Edith has been working hard on her portrait – but it’s not quite finished yet.

Edith is also working on a surrealistic landscape

Lisa (Loheac) works on several abstracts at a time – here you see her putting the finishing touches on one of them.

Pim is always saying “leave it – leave it”, but not everyone listens. It is so tempting to add a little more – and then you overdo it.

Julia is proudly showing the picture she has been working on for several lessons.

Gabrielle (Berendsen) is working on her Toscana Landscape.

Anne (Lempereur) has just started out working on a new abstract

and here's a portrait by Corine

By Edith Albone and Celina Schou

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