Monday, 14 March 2011

Painting contest

Anna-Karin Fast's poetic tomatoes 

There are many painting contests going on at the moment, some of us aquarellistas are participating in the Grand Prix d'aquarelle and I just posted about another watercolour competition on the aquarellista blog - organized by the Sunday Telegraph. Cathie actually read the whole article and found out that that one is only admitting residents of the UK. Still very interesting but not for most of us here in France!

Bibbi Isaksson's kids on ice - a fairytale in the making

Cathie found us an alternative: The Artist's Magazine's 28th Annual Art Competition. This competiton may be interesting for all Hangar members who paint: it is international and all techniques are admissible... and apart from the eternal glory, the prize money is interesting too!  $25,000 in Cash Prizes...

Cathie van der Stel's peonies - a work in progress

Bright red tomatoes by Edith Alborni

 Sandra Seymour-Dale's botox girl
Read more about the painting contest by following this link. The deadline is April 15th

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