Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Oil painting on Tuesday 8 March 2011 -- Nelly van Hijfte

Sherry Spetz continued working on her cloud background from Nelly's wet-on-wet class to create these fabulous and funny 'Fish on holiday'!

Chris Herlicq finished her lovely golden angel today

Betty Schep her beautiful flowers on a black ground.

Immediately recognisable as a 'Veronique Vandenhoeck', the voiles drifting in this cool interior remind one of warm summers past  - and hopefully to come!

Vanessa Rea rose to the challenge of having to paint with her left hand having broken her right wrist and was very successful in producing these colourful, fluid, landscapes.  Perhaps we should all try loosening up in this way by using the 'wrong' hand and other side of the brain - but hopefully without breaking an arm first.

It will be the asparagus season soon and in advance of that, this bunch, painted by Trish Morris, look good enough to eat.

To round off a beautiful set of paintings from Nelly's class is the glorious Venetian Sunset by Helen Humphrey.

by Charmian Murley

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