Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Meet Puska !!

Puska is the artist name of one of our honorary members – Anne Marie Viborel. She moved from Paris to Roquefort Les Pins with her husband at the end of 1999. After setting up her house, she looked around for activities to fill her free time. She heard about Luc Veger, a Dutch artist, who was giving sculpting-lessons in Bar sur Loup and became one of his students. Anne Marie has been a member of Le Hangar since the beginning.

After Luc Veger, passed away, she started painting-lessons with Pim de Jongh. The Wednesday class consisted of only about 8 students. What a difference from today. She also joined the metalworking class and made some interesting sculptures which you can see standing in her garden, and some in the house.

Until recently, Anne-Marie was a member of the board and also a very active member of the “house committee” – always keeping the place nice and clean – and also responsible for the catering on all our social days. She was also one of the organizers of the annual painting trip.

Anne Marie was one of the initial members of the Hangar Abstract Group which paints on Mondays. Like the rest of the group she has tried her hand at varies different styles.

by Celina Schou

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