Monday, 13 June 2011

Blow up your watercolours

Big Daisy (not yet finished) by Cathie van der Stel

Inspired by the general look of the paintings in the latest 'Splash' book (nr 12), the aquarellista's decided to paint Big and Colourful last Tuesday... It is a shame that you cannot see that the paintings below are actually much bigger than your average watercolours... With the challenges that go with painting big in aquarelle - how do you keep it interesting... But it looks like that worked out pretty well!

Big Purple Flower by Ann Edwards

Most of the other Blow-Up projects are too unfinished to show - luckily some other interesting pieces were created, as exercises for the Grand Prix d'Aquarelle. The following 3 roses were based on the same example drawing... It's very clear that the personality of the painter adds a lot!!

Lovely Rose, this exquisitely painted version is created by Lies Timmermans  

Brenda Moorehouse's version - it will be available for you on the Summer Fayre!

 Helen van der Kroft's version - an original  take on the example :)

 From 17 - 23 September the Aquarellista's will show their work in Galerie Casabl├╣, with the theme 'Le Village'. Hard work on that theme is also being done by all, here a sneak pre-view of a village scene just started...
 Edith Alborni's Village

And last but not least, Roly Bufton did a next version of his 'Venice', with enormous improvement! Just one more and it will be perfect (and he will be able to teach the technique to us all)
'Venice 2' by Roly Bufton

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