Monday, 20 June 2011

Flowers and villages in Aquarelle

Wild Iris by Mieke van Papen with a great use of light...

Last weeks' aquarelle session brought about all kinds of interesting and different results! Mieke, Cathie and Lies worked on their flowers using a combination of wet-in-wet and wet-on-dry techniques
Cathie van der Stel's gorgeous blow up of an orange daisy

Lies Timmermans worked on the wet-in-wet background of her lovely rose. She will complete it in the next session

Ann Edwards painted some tulips and this bird - enlarge it to see the excellent light on his beak, head and back that she drew with pencil, leaving it white and then giving the background in a very light warm yellow wash!

Six aquarellista's will show work with the theme 'Le Village' in an exhibition in September - Brenda Moorhouse is one of them and she worked on images she drew in ink during our Trip to Aiguefonde. She added watercolours to them and made them livelier and sunnier!
'Brassac 1' in watercolours and pen by Brenda Moorhouse
'Brassac 2' in watercolours and pen by Brenda Moorhouse


Edith Alborni diligently worked on her village and it is getting more and more real...

And completely off-topic but oh so great - the dewdrops of Cathie van der Stel that she made for the Summer Fête...

More about the Summer Fayre, a great success by the way, in coming posts, filled with pictures of you!

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