Monday, 6 June 2011

Following William Turner

The aquarellista group (Tuesday afternoons) strives to create original work - but sometimes we can't help it and let ourselves be inspired by other artists... Couple of weeks ago we watched a documentary with plenty attention for 18th century master-aquarellista William Turner - and then tried to 'work like him'...
Cathie van der Stel caught the mysterious light-especially the beams through the dusty windows

Most of the group however tried their hand at 'Venice', because it is slightly less complicated and a beautiful, far-away mysterious picture. technically it is iteresting too because it is done in a combination of wet-in-wet and (very) wet on dry technique... Below the results:
Venice by Lesley Bufton

 Venice by Roly Bufton

 Venice by Ann Edwards

Venice by Anna Karin Fast
We were also very busy with other projects, but I cannot show you much because it's all within the Grand Prix d'Aquarelle - theme 'Roses without thorns' which only admits work that hasn't been published before... Sorry!! After Mid-September we'll have a couple of theme-posts around it...

There was one project finished that had nothing to do with the theme though:
Sandra Seymour-Dale's dusky village!

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