Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Cathie van der Stel: Aquarellista!

Cathie van der Stel was born in Australia and before she moved to the South of France in 2001, lived in England and the Netherlands. Cathie specializes in portraits, architectural renderings and natural scenery.  She recently attended an extracurricular art training at the Academie superieure des beaux- arts in Grasse and she is a member of the Aquarellistas. She is an incredibly talented painter, who in her paintings mostly uses accurate, straight lines -yet always with a surprisingly loving touch that makes her subjects, whatever they are, friendly, peaceful and welcoming. I love her paintings and it was hard to make a selection, because she has so much and it is all of excellent quality!
For more work of Cathie, visit her website: http://www.cathievanderstel.com/

Valbonne Hotel les Armoires

City view




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