Sunday, 18 September 2011

Anna Karin Fast - Aquarellista!

In the series about the members of our group who have an exhibition at this moment in Valbonne's Galerie Casablù, I'd like to present you: Anna Karin Fast - Aquarellista!
Anna Karin is from Sweden, she has been working with aquarelle for a long time and she has developed a very special style. She always works direct and 'Fast', with a large petit gris 'pinceau à lavis'. Most of the time she uses only one wash for every colour, leaving a thin line unpainted - with a very interesting 'mosaic' effect. She is ever exploring the characteristics of aquarelle, with interesting results. Anna Karin's subjects are mostly related to nature, she also likes to paint (transparent) glass and the overall impression of her work is quiet and dreamy - yet determined and with character, never insecure.
Below a couple of examples of her work, illustrating the spontaneous style and also showing her talent for observation...

One of Anna Karin's exhibited 'Village' paintings

Eye of the Lizard

Glass is a favourite subject

From the 'Ikea bowl' series

A magic Pumpkin

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