Monday, 19 September 2011

Marina Teding van Berkhout: Aquarellista!

Marina Teding van Berkhout lives and works in the South of France since 2000 . She paints in watercolours and mixed media in a light and pleasant style. She attended many workshops in England and the Netherlands and just finished her studies at the ‘Academie superieure des Beaux-Arts Anca-Sonia’. She is a member of the Aquarellistas and painting in aquarelle watercolours is a passion in which she has now developed her own style: a great mix of wet-in-wet and more precise, dryer painting. Her paintings have a much-appreciated lyrical, lighthearted quality. She specializes in portraits of children, pets and other animals. In the Casabl├╣ exhibition, Marina shows her inspiration related to 'le Village'. Below a couple of aquarelles, more of her work can be admired via her website


Men at work

Dreamy Door



Three pups

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