Sunday, 20 November 2011

Abstract classes have resumed

Abstract classes started up again at the beginning of October. For the first lesson everyone just got back in to the mood of abstract painting.
Everyone busy at work.

Above you see Tatiana at work.

 And this is Sylvia at work.

Marie Helen at work. 

Karin at work. 

Irene trying to decide which way her painting looks best.

Imme has joined the class.

And here is a typical "Anne" abstract

The first common subject for the group to tackle is a combination of abstract and realism.

Above you see the result of Michele's work - an abstract with a drain pipe.

And here you see Imme's work - an abstract and a light bulb.

Sylvette made this inspiring picture.

The car is painted - not from a magazine !

Marie Helen's finished work

Sue's tap

And Barbara decided on a chain in her abstract.

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