Monday, 21 November 2011

Aquarellistas' work of 15 November

Cherries by Bibbi Isaksson - not finished -according to herself.
I think they are wonderful in their simplicity

Last week Tuesday I missed out on another watercolour session and I am sorry about that, because a lot of very interesting things happened! Cathie organized it again and she brought a lot of inspiring stuff, a basket of pine-cones, coloured carafes, plain carafes with coloured water, marbles and cherries.
The pine-cones, marbles and cherries were the objects of choice

Pinecone (unfinished) by Anna-Karin Fast

Marbles by Liz Douglas.
Already very beautiful (and well done!) yet the colored shadows Liz is going to add will definitely 'finish' this painting

The 'autumn' projects were finished...
Liz Douglas covered a leaf with masking fluid, so that she could (after it had dried) add a spontaneous background with sponge. It worked ot very well, the leaves are now clearly falling!

Anna-Karin Fast finished her apples, they are so juicy!!

And very interesting paintings outside the suggested subjects were created as well:

Mysterious Misty Mountains by Brigitte Jansen. So transparent! Good use of the medium!!

Sexy girl with great mouth! by Agnes McLaughlin. Aquarelle makes it so dreamy...

Very surrealistic image by Bibbi Isaksson.
Note that left top part is done on another piece of paper, to see if it works.
Great way to check out changes in aquarelle!!

Coming Tuesday I will join this super talented aquarellista group in the Hangar once more! I look forward to it

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